Hair Loss Treatments

Our comprehensive hair loss treatment includes;

• Find out the causes of hair loss, and classify the alopecia type

• Examination, scalp scan with Trichoscopy

• Medical management

• Semi invasive treatment options like PRP and stem cell injections

• Laser hair growth stimulation

• Hair restoration/ hair transplantation: both FUE (strand by strand) and FUT (strip method)


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Philosophy and how it works

PRP is a blood product contains many growth factors of which is PDGF (Platelet Derived Growth Factor) is an important stimulator of hair growth Literature reviews proved that PRP would improve the hair growth specifically in the form of increase in the thickness of hair follicles strands, reduces hair fall, and enlargement in the strength of villous hair.

Method of usage

It a simple procedure where few ml of your own blood is collected and PRP is isolated from that by method called Centrifugation.

Topical / surface anaesthesia cream is applied in the whole treatment area for 20 minutes. Multiple injections are done approximately one for each square centimeter surface area

PRP is injected in to the scalp with the help of Fine insulin syringes or Mesotherapy gun which is made for that particular purpose

Quantity and frequency

6ml of PRP which is usually extracted from 15-20 cc of whole blood

Suggested PRP injections once in every 2 weeks; for 4-5 sessions

Later maintained once every 2months

Safety and side effects

Being our own blood product unlikely to cause any allergy or other reactions

Needless to say that all the syringes and needles used in the procedure are disposable and sterilized

When do we perceive the results?

No hair loss treatment would achieve the perceptible results before 3 months.

Hair Mesotherapy

Micronutrients and Stem cell injections:

Hair growth is also stimulated by injection of micronutrients in the scalp skin.

They are chemically various vitamins and minerals injected locally into the hair baring scalp; this process is called hair mesotherapy.

These mesotherapy injections contain vitamins, stem cell extracts and various peptides which will moisturizes, nourishes and improves the hair and scalp condition.

They are injected with the help of Mesogun or micro needling roller.

Once in every 2 weeks is a recommended regimen for 4-5 sessions.

Hair growth laser :

US FDA approved laser stimulation20 min session of onc a week for 6-8 sessions are required. It can be continued with maintainance twice a month.